In this episode of ‘The Bullshit Filter,’ we discuss the US’s selective adherence to international laws, the complex US-Saudi relationship, and evolving power dynamics involving China. Discussions include potential ICC arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders, the US’s opposition to ICC jurisdiction over Israel, and the historical context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Additionally, the conversation explores US energy policy, Chinese and Russian competition, Boris Johnson’s alleged role in derailing a Russia-Ukraine peace deal, and China’s dominance in green technology markets. The episode concludes with a speculative look at the upcoming US presidential election, highlighting the strategic interests and long-term consequences of these geopolitical maneuvers.

00:00 Welcome to the Bullshit Filter: Episode 126
01:26 Diving Deep into the ICC’s Controversial Moves
04:31 Exploring the ICC’s Origins and U.S. Relations
09:15 The Complexities of International Law and Hypocrisy
13:46 Unpacking the Israel-Palestine Conflict and Global Reactions
25:29 The Power of Repetition in Shaping Beliefs
33:11 The Future of AI in Understanding Complex Histories
47:19 Mysterious Helicopter Crash Raises Questions
53:46 Unraveling the Mystery: The Silence Surrounding a High-Profile Incident
56:03 Deep Dive into 9/11: Uncovering Saudi Complicity
01:10:38 The Geopolitical Chessboard: Russia, Ukraine, and the West’s Influence
01:19:15 Energy Wars: The Battle for Dominance in the Green Economy
01:24:59 The Irony of Global Trade: US-China Economic Tensions
01:36:01 Election Speculations: The Betting Odds on Trump vs. Biden