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The media is full of dubious stories. As the American journalist IF Stone wrote in 1952: “Emphasis, omission, and distortion rather than outright lying are the tools of the war propagandists.”

The same is true in peacetime. On this podcast, we take stories that are in the news and dissect them to see if we can work out where the propaganda lies. 

Latest Episode

Your Humble Hosts

Latest Episode

Your Humble Hosts

Recent Episodes

BS 120 – Gaza, The Voice, and The Speaker

BS 119 – Ukraine’s Energy Reserves

On this episode, we’re fact checking the claims that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and earlier annexation of Crimea, are all about getting their hands on Ukraine’s gas and oil reserves. We also talk about how to use ChatGPT to de-bias a news article, “The Blob”, Chris Hedges’ analysis of “the pimps of war”, and Alessandro Gagaridis’ analysis of Prigozhin’s Mutiny.

BS 118 – Ukraine Gravy Train

BS 118 – Ukraine Gravy Train

The March on Moscow; the Ukraine Gravy Train; China new training facility in Cuba; Falklands no strategic value to UK; Daniel Ellsberg dead; COVID source; Biden clamps down on China’s access to chips; China and Taiwan and Raytheon.

BS 120 – Gaza, The Voice, and The Speaker

BS Filter 117 – Economic Coercion

This month we are looking into the following stories:

Economic coercion is BAD if it comes from China, but great if it comes from the USA (AFR)
John Mearsheimer can’t see any room for peace talks in Ukraine as all sides see it as an existential threat (Youtube)
The Russian economy continues to flout Western expectations (The Guardian)
US Continues Dangerous Escalations in Ukraine, Sprinting Toward Catastrophe (Glenn Greenwald) 
Obama’s views on Ukraine in 2016 (The Atlantic)
Niall Ferguson on US strategy to bleed Russia dry in Ukraine  (Bloomberg)
Jeffrey Sachs on Nord Stream (YouTube)
Skepticism about Bellingcat (Glenn Greewald)
FBI lacked evidence for alleged Trump-Russia collusion probe, US Special Counsel finds (ABC Australia, Seymour Hersh)
Olver Stone’s interviews with Putin (Youtube)


BS 120 – Gaza, The Voice, and The Speaker

BS 116 – The War in Sudan

In this two hour episode, we’re looking at the current war in Sudan – who and what is behind it, and the history of the region, going back to the good ol’ days of British colonialism, US sanctions, Clinton’s Wag The Dog bombing of a medicine factory, Obama’s invention of South Sudan, Russia’s Wagner Group extracting Sudanese gold to pay for the war in Ukraine, and more. 

Welcome To The Bullshit Filter Podcast!

This show is different from some other podcasts in the following ways.

1. There are TWO OF US. This is a conversation, not a lecture.

2. It’s FLEXIBLE. Which means sometimes we cover a few stories in a single episode, but other times we might take 3 or 25 episodes to tell a story. 

3. It’s NSFW. While we take the world affairs very seriously, we also know that learning is more effective when you’re having fun. Sometimes (okay, quite often) “having fun” for us translates as bad language and dirty jokes. Let’s face it – this world is violent and sexy. This is NOT a child-friendly show, nor is it safe for work.

4. We sometimes CHARGE MONEY. We do this for a living and put a lot of time and effort into making our content. So some of our episodes are free and some require a paid subscription. Feel free to listen to the free ones and then, if you like them, register to listen to the rest.

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Worth Your Time

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by El Groo from United Kingdom on May 17, 2019

I’ve just listened to and thoroughly recommend the mini-series on vaccines, both from its exploration of the subject, but also it’s demonstration on how to decide what can be believed in a post-truth society.
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They read books!!!

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Divicus from Switzerland on November 26, 2018

So, the scandelous news is public!! All that these guys know is only from……BOOKS! Anyone who has followed their detailed, funny and well documented stories from the great JC to Stalin, from Brutus to Beria or from Alexander to Rooswelt would have thought that Ray&Cam must have a misterious time machine, hidden somwhere in Ray‘s secret basement, just behind the dark-age tourture machines. How else could Ray&Cam have discovered that many famous songs from the 1980‘s were in fact written by ancient singer&songwriters, among them the Toto Song Africa, which was originally composed by Sextus Pompeius, better known to the podcast community as Sexi Pee. Since all Ray&Cam know is from books, the still have to read the book of books received in Florence. No, not the bible, the book about how the 99% rule over the 1% instead the other way around. Yes, read the book about the secret formula to limit government spending on arms and direct cash to hospitals, schools and roads instead and how to tax the rich! The book is about Direct Democracy in good old Switzerland, a country with 4 impossible languages, sorunded by powerful neigbhours and divided by different religous believes and high mountains. Well, so keep reading your books! Great to listen to your podcasts!
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This is The Greatest Show!

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Benakiba from Australia on May 13, 2018

Imagine yourself having a chat over a coffee with a good friend who you admire, for their wits, humour and general view on humanity. You could easily sit there and listen all day without saying a word, and still feel you participated in the conversation and came out of it richer and looking for more. This is what you will experience listening to Cam and Ray. These guys are totally politically incorrect, contagiously funny, yet deadly serious in their relentless search for facts about the world we all live in. So, get yourself a cuppa and plug in. But be warned – you’ll keep coming back for more!
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