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This month we are looking into the following stories:

  • Economic coercion is BAD if it comes from China, but great if it comes from the USA (AFR)
  • John Mearsheimer can’t see any room for peace talks in Ukraine as all sides see it as an existential threat (Youtube)
  • The Russian economy continues to flout Western expectations (The Guardian)
  • US Continues Dangerous Escalations in Ukraine, Sprinting Toward Catastrophe (Glenn Greenwald
  • Obama’s views on Ukraine in 2016 (The Atlantic)
  • Niall Ferguson on US strategy to bleed Russia dry in Ukraine  (Bloomberg)
  • Jeffrey Sachs on Nord Stream (YouTube)
  • Skepticism about Bellingcat (Glenn Greewald)
  • FBI lacked evidence for alleged Trump-Russia collusion probe, US Special Counsel finds (ABC Australia, Seymour Hersh)
  • Olver Stone’s interviews with Putin (Youtube)