On this episode, we get into the conspiracies about 5G and the coronavirus – which may have started with Dr. Kris Van Kerckhoven (a Mormon) – then got connected to the new £20 note in the UK – then disgraced American physician, Thomas Cowan, talked about it at a pseudo-science conference – then there was the correlation is causation theory.

More interesting to me is the role 5G is playing in geopolitics. Why Controlling 5G Could Mean Controlling the World – and how, for the first time in a long time, the United States is not the leader in a major technological sector that will underpin future innovation. It’s been called a “geopolitical turning point”.

Then we get into the science – despite many hundreds of studies over the past half century, we have never been able to prove any of these non-ionising waves can cause cancer — and this applies to 5G radiation too.

Who can we trust when it comes to the science around non-ionizing radiation? How about the ICNIRP? Certainly NOT these Fox Nation hosts.


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