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On BS 65 (24 March) we predicted there could be 20,000 – 50,000 American deaths within the next few weeks. The Trump Administration are now estimating 100 – 240,000.


This guy – Guo Wengai – is claiming that China’s virus death toll is still rising, they are hiding it, and burning bodies in mobile mass incinerators. What you need to know is that he apparently fled to the United States in late 2014 after learning he was going to be arrested after allegations against him including bribing, kidnapping, money laundering, fraud and rape. He is a member of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

The US is gearing up for a war (cold, hot or hybrid) with China and is going to be inventing propaganda to justify it, in the same way they did in the war against Saddam. Do you remember when a young girl got up in the UN in 1990 and said Iraqi soldiers were going through hospitals and throwing babies out of humidicribs? Nariyah? The world was shocked. We found out only many years later that she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and that the entire thing was invented by the PR firm Hill & Knowlton who were paid millions of dollars by Kuwait to help get the US involved in a war with Iraq.


Last week a Venezuelan defector is caught trying to smuggle a shipment of US weapons into VZ to assassinate Maduro. The next day the USG indicts Maduro on drug smuggling charges. Coincidence?

It’s all about OIL. OPEC and Russia (and COVID) are driving oil prices down so low that American shale producers could go bankrupt. Guess which country has lots of oil? Venezuela.


Where’s the money coming from?

Oz Gov has announced $189 billion in aid.
Where is it coming from?

Remember 9 months ago when Scott Morrison said the Coalition will not engage in “unfunded empathy”?

In the last week he’s announced $190 billion in unfunded empathy.

I wonder what changed his mind?

Never again let our politicians tell us “we can’t afford it”. Frog shit. You can make money appear by magic whenever you need to. It’s all part of Modern Monetary Theory.


In the NYT on 22 January, James G. Hodge Jr., director of the Center for Public Health Law and Policy at Arizona State University, said the Chinese shutdown in Wuhan would “almost certainly lead to human rights violations and would be patently unconstitutional in the United States.”

But here we are. We always choose to give up our rights if the trade-off seems worthwhile. Sometimes we aren’t even given a choice. So much for the illusion of democracy.


Joe Biden & Tara Reade – The Story We Must Not Mention

Ukraine Joe has been accused of sexually molesting a staffer, Tara Reade, back in 1993. But despite #metoo, the mainstream media won’t touch the story. We have to wonder what’s going on. Is it because her story has no legs? Isn’t that we’ve always said about such claims? I thought the new standard was to always err on the side of taking claims such as these seriously?