I keep seeing headlines like “Generation Hopeless: millennials who lack basic life and workplace skills.” Which I think is bullshit. Older generations usually poke shit at the younger ones. But maybe they know something we don’t?

So I thought an interesting podcast might be to sit down with my 18 year old identical twins – Hunter and Taylor. They are GenZ, the generation after Millennials, but it’s still relevant. Both just finished their first year of university, have held down part-time marketing jobs, and are entrepreneurial – by 18 they have started a couple of business ventures and written a couple of business plans. How does their generation see the world? That’s the purpose of this show. If you think it has legs, we might turn it into a separate series, or it might just turn up sporadically in this feed. Let me know what you think!

This first episode is about their view on social media – what it’s for, and how their generation tends to use it. Imagine you’re 18 and Instagram is a dating tool. And you have TWO Instagram accounts – one for the general public, and one for your close friends. Twitter is where you go to get your daily news. Facebook is what you let your religious grandparents see.