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September 14, 2018
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September 20, 2018
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  1. Graeme says:

    You are not going to get your head around the situation, if you keep referring to this as the “Syrian Civil War” Its a foreign invasion and always was one. So when Israel bombs Syria and says its bombing Iranian targets this is nonsense. What that is all about is Israel has been waging proxy war against Syria these last seven years and when their proxies start getting their asses handed to them Israel doesn’t want to give it all up and let the other guys win.

    • Cameron says:

      That’s a bit of a simplistic argument, Graeme.

      • Graeme says:

        I don’t THINKso!!! Now I don’t expect you to endanger your whole standing by admitting that ISIS is a Jew proxy force. But just to get it clear in your own mind, if you don’t admit to yourself that they aren’t some kind of proxy army then its up to you to explain how a group with supposedly no allies, and the worst diplomacy in the world, could have grabbed any territory in the first place. You don’t need to be a matyr about it. But you ought to know what is going on around you.

        • Cameron says:

          Graeme, we did a 25 hour series on the Syrian conflict on this show (which I assume you haven’t heard). We examined all of the players and interests involved. Trust me when I tell you that blaming it on a “Jew proxy force” is a massive oversimplification.

          • Graeme says:

            Its not an oversimplification. That is what is going on. The poo proxy force has American funding, media cover, and Jap vehicles. Now you did a 25 hour series on it. But if you are scared of the J-word, or of conspiracy, or you have any other arbitrary mental handicap, you aren’t going to GET IT in a month of Sundays. Or a year of Sundays for that matter.

            You still don’t have the physics on building 7 right? And you don’t have an explanation for your world-view where a bunch of rag-tag arabs, hated by all governments in the world in your theory …. took more territory and much faster than the profit himself. In he context of a society without money to spare. In the context of warfare without jungle cover. Now you are just dreaming mate if you are pretending I’m not right about this. You think every Arab is Batman. Or the Flash or something? You don’t have any kind of rational military perspective if you believe this Shiite. Plus you cannot explain their faked beheadings. Arab loony-toons are going to behead people sure. But they are not about to video fake beheadings.

          • Graeme says:

            I listen to all your stuff Cameron. The poo-poo stuff gets me down a little bit but I don’t miss your work. Not any free stuff. Thats why I had to comment. Because here you were just not getting it. Its not a global criticism.

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