War On Drugs 3.9
April 6, 2018
BFTN #2 2018-04-16
April 16, 2018
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Welcome to our new series – Bullshit Filter The News! Based on the positive response to our spontaneous “Uncle Cam’s Corner” episode a couple of weeks ago, we decided to make it a weekly thing. We’ll pick the top stories and events that have grabbed our attention over the last week and just chat about them. No crazy research, we’re just giving you our off-the-cuff thoughts on these stories and what they mean. Kind of like the format of my old G’Day World podcast from 2004. 2004 is back, baby!

On this week’s show:


  1. Jeff LaVergne says:

    I am currently listening to Life of Caesar #94 (fixed). I just wanted to clarify a small but significant detail related to BFTN 2018-04-09 around the reason that Jordan Peterson has been in the news. I have been following Jordan Peterson closely as I live in Canada and therefore under the jurisdiction of the laws which he stands against. In the episode you state that a person should DBAC , which in fact is in line with what Jordan Peterson argues. He is only against legislation of speech, he has stated time and time again that he would never just strong arm a person. He wants exactly what you stated in the episode deal with people at the level of the person. I was a little surprised that Cam was showing little love to a man who also studies the Vampire JC. Well at least the second JC, Jesus Christ, not his predecessor Julius Caeser the OG , The Vampire and the Queen of Bathinia (Cannot remember his queendom). Anyways keep up the good fight and props on the 80’s/90’s rap songs.

    • Cameron says:

      Thanks Jeff. I’ll definitely make the effort to read more of JPs stuff. As I tried to point out on the show, my issue was with his acolytes, not JP himself, as I really haven’t read his work.

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