This month we’re looking (again) at the US’ ban of TikTok, and their veto over Palestine’s membership in the UN, as well as the Australian government trying to censor X and we ask if what Israel is doing¬† is “genocide”.¬†

00:00 Welcome to the Bullshit Filter: Unpacking Contemporary Issues
01:21 Freedom of Speech and Social Media: A Deep Dive
03:44 The Role of the eSafety Commissioner in Online Safety
06:32 Exploring the Impact of Social Media on News Consumption
11:56 The Complex Landscape of Free Speech and Regulation
32:26 The Future of AI in Ethical and Content Regulation
35:01 The Decline of Free-to-Air TV and the Rise of Streaming
44:33 The Future of AI in Media Production
46:24 The Evolution of American English
47:48 TikTok’s Global Impact and US Policy Challenges
55:48 Exploring the Moderation and Influence of Social Media
59:59 Navigating News Consumption in the Digital Age
01:08:33 Analyzing the US’s Stance on Palestine’s UN Membership
01:18:42 Exploring the Implications of Palestine’s UN Membership
01:20:05 The Hypocrisy of the US and Its Allies on the Two-State Solution
01:21:30 Drawing Parallels: US Support for Apartheid and Israel
01:23:39 The Shift in Public Opinion and Policy on Social Issues
01:25:20 Debating the Definition and Occurrence of Genocide
01:25:23 Analyzing the Email: Is What Israel Doing Genocide?
01:35:13 The Complex Dynamics of International Condemnation and Israel’s Actions
01:52:23 Campus Protests and the Future of Political Activism
01:55:32 Concluding Thoughts and Humorous Banter