Purchase just the six episode mini-series we produced on the claims of the antivax movement. After your purchase the pack, you can download each file as a separate mp3, download them in one hit as a zip file, stream them or add a special feed to your regular podcast player which will feature just these episodes. Each episode is about an hour long.

Antivax 4.1: On the first episode we have a discussion about why people believe what they believe. Where do we get our knowledge? What sources do we trust? In other words, it’s all about epistemology and heuristics.

Antivax 4.2: On this episode we take a look at the History Of Vaccinations & the story of Andrew Wakefield.

Antivax 4.3: We went looking for a list of claims antivaxxers use NOT to vaccinate. Today we’ll look at the first two.  Claim #1. Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective. Claim #2. Vaccines do NOT work.

Antivax 4.4: We’re still breaking down antivax claim number 2 from last time and dealing with the claims that “Whenever the outbreaks are examined more closely, the data show that the majority of those suffering have been vaccinated for the disease. Disease charts show that diseases were mostly eliminated prior to the creation of vaccinations. What is truly responsible for most communicable disease elimination is clean water and improved sanitation.”

Antivax 4.5: Let’s look at another two antivax claims: that the very first vaccine was a disaster and that vaccines are highly profitable for pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry.

Antivax 4.6: We wrap up our antivax mini-series by looking at another antivax claim: “All vaccines contain a number of toxic poisons and chemicals that are linked to serious neurological damage”. We talk about Robert Kennedy Jr, thimerosal, and the difference between methyl vs ethyl mercury.