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For those who actually have a job and aren’t complete Scrooge McDuck tight-asses and think the 20 hours of effort we put in each week is worth the cost of a cup of coffee once a month.

REWARD: You get to ask us a question that we’ll answer on the show.

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The level for people who buy Apple products. You appreciate value and you’ve got some cash.

REWARD: You get to suggest a topic for a future series. You’re flying Business Class, so you get your episodes on the day we record them, hot off the presses.

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The very top level of support for people who are part of capitalist elite. These folks are typically found exploiting the labour of the proletariat, smoking big fat stogies, and wearing a monocle.

REWARD: You get a free Bullshit Filter coffee mug and you actually get your episodes before we record them, thanks to some quantum wormhole spacetime we stumbled upon.

Adamantium USD $20 / mth