On this episode I’m joined by Brisbane’s #1 podcaster, the fabulous Trevor Bell, co-host of The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove (“a weekly podcast which takes a look at news, political events, culture, ethics and the transformations taking place in our society”), who is standing in for Papa Bear who is on vacation…. AGAIN. And we are doing a mini-biography on the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister – Boris Johnson. 

Maybe not interesting to people inside the UK, but to the rest of us, he’s somebody we need to understand. In many ways he’s in the same mold as Trump – a buffoonish clown who has mastered the art of saying stupid things to get free media and yet it hasn’t hindered his political career. They were also both born with silver spoons in their mouths and have had a fairly easy life, coasting on a highway of old boy networks, sporting multiple marriages and high profile extramarital affairs. And yet they are unlike in many ways. Boris is an Oxford-educated, articulate history buff who has written multiple books on subjects including Ancient Rome and Churchill. Trump, on the other hand, according to people inside the White House, can’t read a memo or teleprompter without pharmaceutical assistance. Listen to part one of our Boris bio to learn more about the man who is now running what’s left of the British Empire.