Syrian Civil War 1.25
October 20, 2017
Gun Control 2.1
November 3, 2017
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Today we start our second series on The Bullshit Filter with a 5 episode look at gun control and gun violence in four countries – Australia, UK, Canada and USA. We’ll explore the history of each country and look at the evidence as to whether or not gun control has lead to less gun homicides, less mass shootings, and lower crime rates.

Also today we are moving to a premium subscription model, like our Alexander and Cold War series. We will be offering four packages, starting at USD $0.99 a month. We hope you’ll continue to come with us on our exploration of the big questions facing the world today as we try to work out what is bullshit and what is worth paying attention to.

Here’s the first 15 minutes of episode 2.1 for free plus a few minutes of us talking about the premium subscription model.

Theme music: Holy Deep by The Passion HiFi

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  1. Nikkisixx101 says:

    Paid and signed up. Copied that link to my podcast app and it’s not working. I can’t see how to get back to try and copy the link again without paying again ….

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